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publish HIT on mturk

#1 by Ziyu

Hello, everyone! I publish a HIT on mturk by HEROKU but a lot of robots answered the task and crowd out the true workers. Has anyone ever had the same problem? Is there any other way to filter out robots besides adding some questionnaire questions?

#2 by Victor

Hi Ziyu,

This is a pervasive challenge with running online studies. There are quite a few techniques you can use to improve the quality of your data. First, if you are running an experiment and are manipulating independent variables, then getting a sufficiently large sample (in the hundreds or thousands) could mute the influence of these bots and low-quality participants. Second, you could run a qualifying survey before your actual study, which participants must pass before being able to participate. You just disqualify them if they fail the survey. If well-designed, it eliminates many bots and low-quality participants typically. Third, you could use a reCAPTCHA to screen people and use scripts on pages to detect script usage among users and whether they are using a VPN/VPS service. 

Hope this helps.



#3 by Ziyu

Thanks a lot! I will try the methods you mentioned. Thank you!

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