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new project copied from an old one

#1 by rvman0523

Hi all, 
I'm fielding an experiment that is similar to one I fielded last year, so I copied the original project (old2022) under a different name (new2023), and have been able to make modifications, but I noticed today that when I run it in the local server (using otree devserver), it invokes files from the original project (I can see this because the error messages includes directory that refers to the old project (old2022). Any idea why this is happening?

Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "/Users/rv05/Documents/old2022/venv/lib/python3.9/site-packages/otree/views/abstract.py", line 835, in post
  File "/Users/rv05/Documents/dg2023/new2023/dg2023/pages.py", line 146, in before_next_page
The issue is that it is dependent on the old project folder, so if I "hide" or delete old2022 from the Documents folder, I get the following error message:
bash: /Users/rv05/Documents/old2022/venv/bin/otree: No such file or directory

Thanks in advance..

#2 by Chris_oTree

Type this at your command line: which python

that will tell you your default python installation location.

It seems your default python installation is a virtual environment located in the old folder. This may be OK if you still want to use the same version of otree. if you want to use a different otree version, you should create a new virtual environment and activate that.

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