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Trust game with bots

#1 by Ronja

Hi Otree! For My upcoming exam, I would like to investigate People's trust in machines vs humans.  For that I wanted to create a trust game, thats simply a one player game against a bot.  I have tried to look up how to incorperate bots with Otree, but the only Thing I can find is your bots_vs_humans demo, and I find it a bit difficult to understand why you do, what you do. I have never used Otree before, and My python skills Are limited. Do you by Any chance have some tutorial on how to incorperate bots? That would be very very helpful, since I feel a bit stuck in the process 😅🥶

#2 by Fanist

In my understanding, it is just a single-player experiment. For simplicity, you can just define what the rob will do and write the code to simulate the final results, such as letting the participant always receive "trust" from the Bots, but no need to add a real Bot.

#3 by Chris_oTree

yes that is right. The ExtraModel is only needed when you want to simulate multiple bots in the same group.

#4 by Ronja

Oh thank you so much for the quick reply! That Make sense :D do you by any chance have a demo, that demonstrates the idea of defining some bot action in a single player game? 😅

#5 by Chris_oTree

I added an example here: https://www.otreehub.com/projects/otree-more-demos/

#6 by Ronja

Thanks a lot!!

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