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Prolific Setup with Otree HR without Heroku Sever

#1 by zahra_rahmani

Hello everyone, 

I implemented an otree study that I would like to distribute via Prolific. The Docs tell me I should use otree-HR.

On Otree HR, I need an OTREE_REST_KEY? How/where do I define this? Note I am not using the Heroku server but my own Linux Server. 

And do I understand correctly that I need to set up a ROOM for that, because I will need to paste the URL that the rooms generates into otree HR?

I am new to otree and just figuring out how things work. Greatly appreciate any help. 


#2 by Daniel_Frey


Do you use Heroku to upload your experiment? If yes, go to your app's settings, reveal the Config Vars and add a new variable with the name OTREE_REST_KEY, and define a value for it.

Paste that value in the configuration on oTree HR so that it can connect to your app.

If I'm not mistaken, you just need the name of the app, not the URLs for the room to paste into oTree HR.

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