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Participant stuck on wait page

#1 by Fabian_V

Hello everybody, 

I was testing my experiment last week by sharing some Heroku links and one participant was stuck on a wait page when she should not have been.

After I figured out who it was, she was able to get back to the game by simply refreshing the browser. 

I have never had this problem in my tests before and was wondering what it could be. I dont think it was the internet connection since the page is automatically reloaded when the connection is there again (that is how it is when I try it at home).

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you and all the best,

#2 by gr0ssmann

Did this subject by any chance use Safari on macOS?

#3 by Fabian_V

I dont remember unfortunately. Does this happen with the Safari mac combination?

Thanks for your help.

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