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Group variables over multiple apps

#1 by freddsch

Hey everyone, 

we are working together with respondi and want to do the quota counting (including redirecting) on our side. We have multiple apps (StartApp, EndApp and multiple in between that are randomized). The quota handling happens in two places. We want to count in the EndApp how many people of a certain category went through the whole survey. And we want to redirect them in the StartApp. This means I need to acccess a sort of 'group' counter in the EndApp that I can also access in the StartApp. I tried implementing this with participant.vars and sessions.vars but it seems to me it re-initializes it to 0 when a new participant joins. I cant use the group variables as they are only accessible in one app. I am not sure if this is at all possible? 

Any help or idea appreciated, thanks!

#2 by lindk

Hi, have you found a solution to this? I'm facing a similar struggle. 

#3 by freddsch

No we just ended up gathering all apps into one

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