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how to store personal data in a separate file

#1 by ana_c

Hi Chris (and all),

Due to ethical considerations, I need to store personal data from my participants (e.g., email) in a separate file. I have tried to add a new app at the end of my experiment, but if I download the full dataset I am still able to identify my participants. Is there another way to do this?

Thanks in advance for your help!

#2 by BonnEconLab

The only way to have two separate data sets from the very beginning is to use two separate servers: On the first server, you collect the experimental data. You then forward a participant identifier (e.g., oTree’s participant code and/or participant label) to the second server — and, for convenience, the associated remuneration if the remuneration is choice-dependent. On the second server, you host a survey to collect the personal data. The survey can be programmed in oTree, but it could also be, for instance, a Qualtrics survey.

#3 by ana_c

Thanks so much, I will try this approach!

#4 by gr0ssmann

Why can't you just write it to a file, e.g., using Python's csv module while setting the database fields to an empty string? This could be done in before_next_page.

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