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Are heroku Dynos used up?

#1 by Fabian_V

Hello everybody,

unfortunately I dont know much about how heroku dynos work.

I have been testing my experiment using the Standard-2X Version with 1 web Dyno and 1 worker Dyno without any problems.

My question is now whether the capacity of the dynos is used up? Do I need new Dynos for my experiment if I keep using it this way?

Also, will heroku inform me if the capacity is reached?

Any response would be great!


#2 by Chris_oTree

If it's working fine for you now, keep using it. Dynos are not a quota that gets used up, they are a server that you can keep using as long as you pay for it.

#3 by Fabian_V

Great, thanks!

#4 by manond


I am also lost regarding the dynos choices. I tested my experiment with a pilot using 1 dyno web Standard 2x, it went well (36 participants at the same time). Unfortunately, it crashed when running the main exp (more than 70 participants at the same time)... I wanted to keep the standard 2x dyno but with upgrading it to 3 web dynos, yet I read in the documentation that I should keep 1 web dyno. Do you have any idea on how I can fix this issue ?

Thank you,

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