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Using information from other participants in a study

#1 by zwongo

Hi everyone,
Thanks a bunch in advance for any help the community could provide.
I was wondering how feasible is it to: 
- run a single app with a bunch of real effort tasks 
- where I store performance results for the first X participants 
- and then using a subset of these results that I could display to the next X participants 
- without having to stop the experiment halfway (or splitting it into two waves). 

Both the first set of X and the second set of X participants see the same effort tasks, it's just we want to use the first set's results in the study environment of the second set. What we had in mind was to conditionally display certain pages by allocating them to the first set (for the first X participants) and then to the second set (for the next X participants), but then we'd like to be able to collect all the necessary data from the first set to display in the conditionally displayed pages for the second set. 

Is there a way to do this without splitting the game into two waves entirely? 

Thanks a bunch!

#2 by Trontatuma

You could send the results back to the server using live_method?

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