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How to Run a Script to read a csv file.

#1 by oTreeCardinal

Hi all, I am currently using oTree as a part of some research. Currently, in my experiment I am using static data to mimic information needed for my experiment. However, this will not work when we need to deploy the real experiment. I am trying to read in another csv file from my local machine and parse an example template that will serve as a substitute for when the experiment is deployed on heroku. I am facing troubles trying to read in a csv file. I have tried differement methods from online sources but have not found a solution. Does anyone know if this problem is caused by how the Otree program is structured? Is there any way to do this at all?

#2 by BonnEconLab (edited )

I haven’t completely understood the issue. But maybe I can help nevertheless.

In a project of mine, the following works:

I place the CSV file in the same folder as the settings.py file. In settings.py, I include the respective commands for reading in the CSV file, such as

import pandas as pd


DATA_FROM_CSV = pd.read_csv('My_CSV_file.csv')

In the __init__.py of my apps, I can import these data via, e.g.,

from settings import DATA_FROM_CSV as settings_DATA_FROM_CSV

settings_DATA_FROM_CSV can then be accessed wherever I like.

I am pretty sure that one could also include DATA_FROM_CSV = pd.read_csv('My_CSV_file.csv') in an app’s __init__.py.

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