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using Lab Streaming Layer in Otree

#1 by sepidehkhoneiveh

Dear all 
I hope you are well 
I want to use LSL in my otree code to be able to synchronize my task with EEG and eyetracking device (I am going to use local host). is anybody has the experience of this? I have some problems doing this. I would appreciate if someone can help me with this. I will explain my problem in below in case someone can help:
there is a example of sending data with python using LSL here:
as long as I am using this example separately, in another python code just for testing, everything is fine. as soon as I put the code inside of my otree task, everything gets strange. the sampling rate, the stream name, stream type dont match to the things that I set in the code. labstreaming recoder recognises my task but with a different stream name and type and it records with different sampling rate and also the number that Im sending to the stream is completely different with the number the lab streaming recorder, records. the labstreaming layar only records number==100
 I dont know why and I cant figure this out

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