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Video communication Otree

#1 by nathalie

Has anyone experience with implementing video communication in oTree?
I haven't found a systematic in when it works and when it doesn't in my tests, and am wondering whether anyone has found a good solution on the implementation already.
Help is very much appreciated!

#2 by gr0ssmann

I too have encountered issues with the default suggestion, especially (i) when UDP is blocked or (ii) at least one participant is behind a NAT.

I've heard good things about embedding a Jitsi room into one's experiment. I haven't yet done it myself though: https://jitsi.org/api/

So perhaps you should try that.

#3 by nathalie

Thank you so much for the suggestion! I'll try that.

#4 by nathalie

Tried it out. So far seems to work very well. But if you want to have calls lasting > 5 minutes, you need to subscribe to one of their (quite costly) consumption plans.

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