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Unexpected errors

#1 by AB_123

Hello there,

Recently, I have experienced two unexpected errors. 
1. I was re-testing my codes for an app. The codes have no errors. However, I started getting error messages for another app which I wasn't testing and which also doesn't have any errors. I am not sure why is this happening, despite there being no errors in my codes. I was just re-testing them before running my experiment. I am attaching a screenshot of the error.

2. Another error that I am experiencing is when I upload my otree zip file on Heroku. Although I have mentioned numpy in the requirements file and as per Chris' suggestion, I removed the line on overwritting, I still keep getting error message in Heroku about numpy.

Can anyone please help me?

#2 by Chris_oTree

I recommend using oTree Studio to program your apps. It will keep your code in the right format and prevent the types of issues you have been describing

#3 by AB_123

@Chris_oTree: Unfortunately, my co-author and I don't have the kind of funding to pay for oTree studio. Would you mind suggesting any other solutions.

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