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pages take too long to load

#1 by BlUe123

Hi all,

my experiment includes some simple calculations that continue over a few pages and rounds. Within these calculations, the pages take very long to load and I do not really know why. Everywhere else the pages follow each other normally (e.g. the instructions, demographic questions etc), the delay occurs only when the calculations come into play.

has anyone ever experienced something similar or has any idea what a possible reason could be? 

thank you in advance!

#2 by BonnEconLab

Have you solved your issue?

If not and you would still like some assistance, please provide some source code. Without any source code, it is difficult to guess what might cause the issue.

For debugging, you could include some print statements in your code to check whether, for instance, a loop is executed much more often than you expect. Also, by using multiple print statements — say print("Step 1") and print("Step 2") — you could check which steps are taking longer than expected.

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