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Technical issue in oTree Hub link

#1 by AB_123

Hi there,

Hope you are well. There is a small technical issue that I faced at oTree hub. I successfully deployed my zip file and reset database. But when I click on the link to my app: https://esg-test.herokuapp.com/, I get nothing. I am currently using the link by Heroku and that works well. But I am not sure why the link from oTree Hub doesn't work. Could you please advise me on this?

#2 by Chris_oTree

I learned today that Heroku updated their URL format a month ago: https://help.heroku.com/7KRHKEPA/why-are-there-random-characters-in-my-subdomain

Now they add some random characters to the app's URL. I have fixed this on oTree Hub's end. Though you need to reload the page https://www.otreehub.com/my_projects/ for it to be updated.

#3 by AB_123

@Chris_oTree Thank you so much. It works now.

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