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oTree HR / Prolific Question

#1 by spurl

Hi All,

I'm working on deploying an oTree experiment on Prolific using oTree HR and have a question. The "Prolific Configuration" screen gives a study URL, but when going to the URL myself it returns a Server Error (500).

This goes away when I replace the part of the URL that says {{%SESSION_ID%}} with the actual Session code.

Is this something we should do? I'm hesitant because it does say "use this exact URL" in the instructions, so I want to make sure there's not something else going wrong. Thanks!

#2 by Chris_oTree

Use that exact URL. Prolific will replace those {{% %}} parameters with the correct values. SESSION_ID refers to the Prolific session, not the oTree session.

#3 by spurl

Okay, that makes sense! Thank you, oTree HR is a super useful tool!

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