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Storing and displaying images created during the experiment

#1 by Matt00n

Hey everyone,

My experiment requires saving lots of images that are created by the Python script during the experiment (roughly 50 images per participant) and also showing these images in the html. To my understanding, storing images in the database directly is not recommended. So far I found two potential ways to do this:

1. Storing the images locally on the server and sending the path to the html. On the devserver, I only managed to do this via the static folder but in the docs it's noted that large files in the static folder affect performance. Is there any way to circumvent this?
2. Storing the images online (e.g. Amazon S3). Here, I'm afraid that the upload speed will slow down the experiment significantly, plus this option is generally more costly. 

Any thoughts on what the best way to this is? Performance in terms of speed is critical for the experiment. 

Thanks for your help!

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