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Excess columns from other treatments

#1 by AB_123

Hi there,

I will soon run an experiment using oTree and this is the first time I have coded an experiment. My codes are running fine. The only problem is that when I download the data, I can see some extra blank columns on other treatments (my experiment has three treatments). So, for example, if I run the codes on treatment 1, the data will include some extra blank columns from treatments 2 and 3. I have never used oTree before, so I am not sure if this is usually the case. Could you kindly advise me on how to deal with this problem?

#2 by BonnEconLab

I assume that you have multiple player fields of which only a subset is filled, depending on the respective treatment. Then yes, as you observed, the ones that remain unfilled will show up as blank columns.

Similarly, if you have player fields that are not filled in each round of an app, those player fields will be empty in all but the respective round. An example would be control questions for comprehension checks that are only asked in the first round or, say, some open-ended question on the strategy used by participants at the end of the last round.

#3 by AB_123

@BonnEconLab Thank you so much.

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