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Cant run otree on Mturk

#1 by DanielK


my experiment runs fine locally and on Heroku. When I try to open a Session in Mturk I get the following message: 
"MTurk is currently disabled. If you want to publish your HIT on MTurk please do the following steps:
    Run pip3 install "otree[mturk]" and in your requirements file, replace otree>=N.N.N with otree[mturk]>=N.N.N. This will install oTree along with extra MTurk-specific packages."
I followed the instructions and the problem persists. I push my code directly to Heroku locally. 
I noticed other people having similar problems. Is there any established solution out there? Is there a different way of deploying? 

Best regards 

#2 by keren

I'm having the same problem. If you manage to fix it I would like to hear what you did :)

#3 by DanielK


I don’t run into problems anymore. I uploaded it via oTree hub instead. I can’t quite remember what exactly it might have been. Maybe there was also some adjustment to the requirement file? Also you can run sandbox without extra dynos, but for proper run you need the paid dynos or you will get an error.

Hope that helps, all the best!

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