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Package to import and modify oTree data

#1 by Patricia

Dear oTree community, 

I haven't been very active in developing oTree experiments recently. Instead, I created a small R package that imports oTree files and then manipulates the data (deletes cases/groups/sessions, cleans up problematic data imports, generates IDs, calculates time, and transfers variables between app data frames).

I tested it extensively, but because I just worked with my own (actual and sample) data, I may have overlooked something elementary. Furthermore, I am wondering whether the documentation is easily understandable and whether I need to change anything else in the package. I'd like to publish the package on Cran in about 2 weeks, but first, I'd like to make any necessary adjustments and identify any bugs that I couldn't uncover on my own or simply make the code more efficient, etc. Pointing out typos is also very welcome.

Do you want to put my package through its paces with your data? It is available on GitHub (https://github.com/ZauchnerP/gmoTree) and can be installed in R using devtools::install_github("ZauchnerP/gmoTree"). You can find the package’s website here: https://zauchnerp.github.io/gmoTree/.

Best wishes, and many thanks in advance for your feedback, 

#2 by Chris_oTree

Sounds very useful, thank you for sharing!

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