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Feedback requested: Prolific/MTurk/CloudResearch/ other subject pools

#1 by Chris_oTree

Hello all,

I'm thinking about oTree's integration with MTurk, Prolific, CloudResearch, and other participant sourcing platforms, etc.

Are there any features you'd like to have in order to better conduct your experiments on these platforms? Such as making it easier to pay participants, pass data between external service and oTree, manage session launches, prevent duplicate participation, or anything else.

Also, what platforms are people using most these days? MTurk, Prolific, CloudResearch, something else?

#2 by JanVavra

Hi Chris, 
I'm using a lot of small country specific platforms and for me the crucial feature is the ?participant_label= in the start url (filling out the participant id's from external systems) and oTree API for participant data access. Thank you for them!

#3 by manond

Hey Chris,

I am using Prolific and give a different bonus payment to each participant. It could be great if we can upload a csv file in Prolific with participants' prolific ID and bonus payment so they are filled automatically.

Thank you,

#4 by alid3mir


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