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Otree experiment changes dramatically after experiment is uploaded to server

#1 by lmayr

I have been working on the code for an experiment for our department, and when I run the experiment locally it works perfectly fine without lags. 

As soon as we upload it to our university server the experiment has intense lags. Additionally, in fields where we have specified that negative numbers are allowed it is not possible to put negative numbers, AND even though we have set mins and maxes for our form fields, when doing the actual experiment it is possible to enter numbers over the max we specified. 

Does anyone have any idea why these changes occur? I'm happy to supply any code necessary, but once again as long as the code is on our local server there are no issues, so I can't imagine that the issue is within our code.

Please let me know if you have any thoughts, we are running out of ideas!

Thank you.

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