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Submitting local JS variable when timeout happens

#1 by lalalavi

Dear Otree community,

In my experiment, I coded a simple version of Instagram. In the main page people can keep giving likes and dislikes to different images until they decide to post. I keep track of this with a local JS variable because people can unlike the same image and I just want the final total number of likes and dislikes. 

This method works properly until the last round. Namely, I have a timeout that expands multiple pages and when it reaches 20 minutes it jumps to the post-experimental questionnaire. The last round number of likes and dislikes is not stored in the database.

Is there a way to solve this issue without using a live page? I do not necessarily want to update these variables continuously.

#2 by lalalavi

Okay I fixed it! :D no worries anymore

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