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Firefox stuck at group_by_arrival_time

#1 by Florian

Hello all,

I was trying to utilize group_by_arrival_time() within an experiment. Players were stuck indefinitely on the wait page, which could not be fixed by manual refreshing. 

A print statement inside group_by_arrival showed for Firefox users:
these players are waiting [Player()]

When switching to Microsoft Edge:
these players are waiting [[Player(round_number=1, id_in_group=1)]]

This behavior is independent of tab or browser focus. 

To replicate:
Visit https://otree-snippets.herokuapp.com/ 
Create Demo Session for: group_by_arrival_time timeout (continue with solo task)
Open a link with the latest version of Firefox.
Nothing happens after one minute and you are stuck

Firefox version tested: 94 & 102
Otree Version: 5.8.5


#2 by Chris_oTree

Thank you for the detailed report! I looked at Firefox and you are right. I've fixed it so that now it works both on Chrome and FF. It's published in a beta build, which you can install with "pip3 install -U --pre otree". After I get confirmation that it works well, I'll publish it in the mainline build.

#3 by Florian

Thanks, Chris for the very fast response and the immediate fix. I installed the beta version and tried it out. Everything seems to be working as intended. Firefox user are now picked up correctly by the gbat method after one reload.

With 5.8.6b1:
When entering wait page:
these players are waiting [[Player()]]

After first browser auto-refresh:
these players are waiting [[Player(round_number=1, id_in_group=1)]]

Thanks again and keep up the good work with this project! 

#4 by Chris_oTree

That's great to hear, thank you for checking :)

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