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Passing group data between rounds

#1 by alid3mir

Hi all,

I have an app where players will change the roles back and forth each round and make conseutive offers to each other. I want to group partiicpants by their arrrivalk time, but when i do this in the previous app, it doesnt pass the group info to the next app. When I do this in the current app, it doessnt pass the group info to the next rounds.

Either way, aprticipants are geetting stuck at somewehere of the game.

Can you kindly help me please?

#2 by alid3mir

The strange thing is I am using group field in the game and whenever I paly with 2 particiants it works fine, but whenever I increase and match people with eaxch other i am receiving the group.offer null error. I am guessing this is beacuse of the group strcture in otree source code

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