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Different App Sequence per Participant

#1 by nicolas

Hello all

I have 4 apps, A, B, C, D, each to be done by 4 participants. Using SESSION_CONFIGS in settings.py, I can define the app_sequence so that all 4 participants do either ABCD, BCDA, CDAB or DABC for example (thus creating 4 session configs).

The last requirement would be that with 4 participants, participant 1 should do e.g. ABCD, participant 2 BCDA, participant 3 CDAB and participant 4 DABC.

How could this be achieved?

It just occurred to me that I could create 4 more configurations where num_demo_participants=1 (and not =4 as in the other sessions) and run these asynchronous sequences with only 1 participant per session? Participants don't have to interact in this case, but with the other 4 sequences I make sure that all 4 participants advance equally.

Best regards

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