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Using the bots with command line yields different format of data

#1 by janohirmas

I am trying to test an experiment that has a rather complicated payment structure. 
I'm trying to use the bots to see that in the different cases, everything goes well. But when I use the command :

otree test app_name --export

Then the apps_wide.csv file yields something rather complicated (see wide_auto screenshot) and with a different format than running the manual bots (manually clicking on the links, see wide_manual screenshot). 

I want to know if I'm missing something or doing something wrong. 

Thanks in advance!

#2 by woodsd42

I'm not sure if this answers your question, but I've found you get some strange things with bots if you don't delete the db.sqlite3 file before running them.  

I think it saves stuff from previous test sessions using the devserver command, which may be of a different format from an earlier version of your code?

Just a guess, but it's probably worth trying anyway.

#3 by janohirmas

Thank you very much woodsd42! 

It did not solve it fully, but also allowed me to realize what was the problem (I had written cases in one of the pages and didn't notice, so I was getting three times the amount of observations). 
Although I still get every other line empty in the csv coming from the bots. 

Thanks again!

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