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How do I make my Heroku link last for 1 week

#1 by mcarmelle

Hey everyone, I am having a bit of trouble with making my Heroku link last for more than 24h After 24h , I have this message : Not found: Session, {'code': 'e66xgr8z'}
Any idea on how to modify it ?

#2 by Chris_oTree (edited )

In oTree Hub, check the “configure” tab, that should tell you the error.

#3 by mcarmelle

Not working ..

#4 by mcarmelle

It's usually after 24h hour, the link that heroku provide me time out

#5 by Chris_oTree

What is shown in the configure tab? Please show a screenshot.

#6 by mcarmelle

Thank you !

#7 by Chris_oTree

The messages in red tell you what you need to fix.

#8 by mcarmelle

Oh I see. How to apply these changes if I want to use the terminal and Heroku CLI to deploy ?

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