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Negative payoffs for the submitted HIT show on the payment tab. What to do?

#1 by Valery


Could you please advise on what to do with negative earnings?

A few participants submitted a HIT but their payoffs are negative on the payments tab. This is my oversight, of course, as I must have anticipated such outcomes and converted them to zero. 

The immediate question is what to do right now. If I accept the HIT, will oTree try pulling the money from the workers? Also, how much time do I have to think of this issue? What is the automatic approval delay for oTree?

Any help/clarifications will be greatly appreciated.


#2 by Chris_oTree

you can write some code that fixes this, and put it somewhere like vars_for_template of the last page:

def vars_for_template(player):
    session = player.session
    for pp in session.get_participants():
        pp.payoff = max(0, pp.payoff)

Then open a player's start link, and if they are on the last page already this code will be executed again.

#3 by Valery

Hi Chris,

Thank you for your prompt reply, as always! :)

Yes, I have already fixed this. My concern is what is going to happen when the submissions will be automatically approved? Could you please let me know the automated approval time in oTree? I may need to expedite resolving the current situation with MTurk support.


#4 by Chris_oTree

It’s MTurk that does the auto-approving, after a couple weeks I think

#5 by Valery

A couple of weeks gives a hope that I may get their help to resolve this. I will post the outcome here if I don't forget :)


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