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Withdrawal of respondents in Otree experiment

#1 by Gipsman

I am currently doing behavioral economics and developing experiments using Otree, a Python framework for such tasks. I am getting respondents from Connect, a CloudResearch platform similar to Amazon's M-Turk, but more geared towards scholars.

However, I have run into a problem in my experiments. Each experiment involves two participants, Player A and Player B, who have different roles (similar to the "Dictator Game"). Unfortunately, I have encountered situations where one of the participants (either Player A or B) leaves before completing the task, possibly due to a long wait for the other participant or because of nothing. This results in the other participant being unable to proceed with the experiment.

I was wondering if there are any best practices on Otree to solve this issue. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance!

#2 by Ignacio_Alastrue

I would say that the drop out rate can be improved by:
1. Change the recruitment platform and get more qualified subjects to complete these type of multiplayer tasks where waiting screens are key. Here at Playstudies we can help.
2. You can also set timmers to complete the tasks and avoid long waiting.

#3 by Gipsman

I am thinking about lobby room.

I'm contemplating the idea of setting up a lobby mechanism for an experimental purpose, much like the lobbies found in video games. This lobby would serve as a virtual holding space, allowing participants to congregate while awaiting the commencement of the activity. Once everyone has joined and is ready, they would be required to collectively press "start" in limit time to initiate the experiment simultaneously.

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