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#1 by gabri_iannotta

Hi guys! I've 3 pages in my page_sequence: page 1 and page 2 refer to the first two rounds, whereas page 3 is played for other 20 rounds. My question is: is it possible to create in page 3 an hyperlink to page 2? Just to consult it, not to start again the series of rounds. The point is that I have in page 2 a random distribution of assets realizations and I'd like to let participants see it whenever they want instead of being forced to take pictures or screenshots. Thanks!

#2 by ccrabbe

Hi Gabri -

oTree doesn't allow you to refer backwards in the page_sequence, but if you save the realizations in a player model field (or in participant.vars) then you should be able to refer to it in any subsequent pages in the experiment using basic templating.

So if you save it in a player model field called "realizations" you can display it anywhere with {{ player.realizations }} and if you save it in a participant.vars with a key "realizations" you can display it anywhere with {{ participant.vars.realizations }}


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