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Implementing a Lobby System in oTree for Coordinated Experiment Start

#1 by Gipsman (edited )

Has anyone implemented a lobby-like queue system for participants in oTree?

I am exploring the possibility of integrating a lobby system into an oTree experiment. The goal is to mirror the functionality of multiplayer video game lobbies – a digital waiting area where participants can assemble prior to the start of the activity. This would allow for a synchronized start where all participants, once ready, must press "accept" within a specified time limit to begin the experiment at the same moment.

If you have experience with or suggestions for creating such a system within the oTree platform, your insights would be greatly appreciated.

#2 by ccrabbe

Hi Gipsman -

Otree has a built-in functionality which allows you to group players as they arrive at a WaitPage rather than relying on a matching order determined when the session is created.  It's called group_by_arrival_time:



#3 by Gipsman

Yes, Thank you! 
The proposed solution is mostly satisfactory, but it does not fully meet the function of a lobby: "timer with accept".

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