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Symbolic links to apps

#1 by mitnec

I'm using a screening app I've developed in multiple projects. I would like to make changes to that app and have them propagate to all of the projects automatically. This works just fine for local development using a symlink: just have the Screener folder symlinked into all of the projects that require it, and everything works fine.

But otree zip doesn't follow symlinks, looks like, so when I go to package for upload to Heroku it fails on resestdb (but not build...?).

Is there some way of managing this situation that I'm missing? Or should I just be pasting new versions of the Screener app into each project every so often?

#2 by Chris_oTree

You can make a simple Python script inside your project that does all the deployment steps, e.g.:

# python deploy.py

import os
os.system('cp -r ../other_folder/Screener .')
os.system('otree zip')

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