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Persistent/grayed out prefilled formfields.

#1 by felmola

Hello everyone.

I am programing a multi round game with role swithching where the outcome of players depends on other players decisions and current players "link status" in a network. For example, player R decided to "hurt" player B by decreasing its payoff, however this is only possible if player B decided in the previous round to have the link to player R "open" for the current round. I also want to implement an aditional decision that is to permamently severe the link with the other player.

As this game has 16 players (8 R players and 8 B players), I had to create 16 formfields for the "hurt" decision and 16 formfields for the "link" decision and another 16 formfields for the "permament severe of link" decision. Of course players only see 8 formfields depending on whether they are R or B.

My issue is the following:
Imagine player 1 decided to permamently severe a link with player 2 in round 1. In the following rounds, where player 1 is asked wheter to link or not to all other players, I want to display player 1's formfield where he is asked to connect to player 2 and whether if this link is perpanently severed as grayed out or prefilled ummutable answers.

Thanks in advance,

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