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Last arriving subscriber does not see Wait Page

#1 by fabsi (edited )

* The title should say player, not subscriber.

Hi there,

on a Wait Page I use the function "After_all_players_arrive(group)". The execution of this can take some time. Which is perfectly fine.

The first player arriving on the Wait Page sees the default appearance of the Wait Page (first screenshot) as expected.

The final player (in my case the second one) however, does not see the default appearance. When arriving, the "after_all_players_arrive(group)" gets triggered and the final player's browser window gets stuck/doesn't display anything (second screenshot). But as soon as the function is executed, all players move on to the next page.

I would like player 2 to see the Wait Page during the execution of after_all_players_arrive.

Is this behavior possible with Wait Pages? 

Thank you in advance.

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