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Additional paragraph with ":" appears after downgrading to oTree 3.0.1

#1 by sophie

Hello everyone, 
After downgrading from the newest oTree version to oTree 3.0.1 (it is not an option - I had to do it), a sort of an error has started appearing. Namely, in each model, an additional paragraph with ":" between the label and the input field appears. It didn't happen before, actually, in the HTML it appears to be a part of the label. The structure of the questions is usually as follows:
q = models.IntegerField(blank=True, label='<p style="line-height:1.7;font-size:18px">and</p>', min=0)
Changing " into ' causes an error, deleting the 'min' or the 'style' part either. Is this simply an inconsistency that cannot be solved or is there a trick to counter this effect? Can anyone help me with this issue?

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