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How to edit the default Thank You page?

#1 by cjy2001

Hi all,

My current page_sequence is [Introduction, Guess, ResultsWaitPage, Results]. Since my experiment has multiple rounds, I assume the sequence will be repeated each time. The problem is, after the last round, it will lead to a default Thank You page. It would be probably very easy to change it in a single round experiment, but it is not the case for multiple rounds and I think there should be a easier way to change the Thank You page.
I tried to access my setting.py, but there is no Thank You page setting.
Thanks for your time in advance.

#2 by ccrabbe

Hi Alan -

If you're talking about oTree's built-in "OutOfRangeNotification" page, there's no (simple) way that I know of to edit what appears there, but there's a pretty painless way to handle it. 

The way I would handle this situation is to add my own final Page to my last app's page_sequence, and use is_displayed to only show it in the final round (and not have a next_button in that template so that subjects can't move past it).

If it's your own "Thank You" Page, then you can just add a is_displayed method which only returns true for the final round.


#3 by cjy2001

Hi Chris, 

Thank you so much for your help! I will check it out from there.


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