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PageTimes-File does not record all data

#1 by Daniel_Frey

Hi everyone

I wanted to analyse how much time the participants needed for a study I published on MTurk using the PageTimes-File.

The study consists of 12 pages, the penultimate page is called Questionnaire3. 
The strange thing is, two participants who completed the study in a recent session don't have an entry for Questionnaire3 in the PageTimes-file.

The size of the PageTimes-file is not the problem: I manually started a participant to check that, and the times get recorded correctly in the PageTimes-file.

It's not the only time that data was missing in the PageTimes-file: A few days ago when I published the first session of the study to MTurk, the same thing happend and the completion of Questionnaire3 from the very last participant was missing in the PageTimes-file, even though they completed the study.

Does anyone know what is wrong and how I can fix this?

Have a good start to the week

#2 by Chris_oTree

Page times can be missing some entries sometimes because they are written to the database in batches. You can avoid the problem by downloading the page times before restarting the server.

#3 by Daniel_Frey

I did not restart the server yet and even when I re-download the PageTimes-file now, the entries are still missing. The participant whose data is missing completed the study yesterday.

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