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OTree doesn't recognise PostgreSQL DB

#1 by lindk

Hi all,

While setting up my cloudserver, I get the following warning message when I check the readiness of the server:

"Not using PostgreSQL Your database is postgresql, not postgres. When launching a study, it's recommended to use Postgres."

I have configured PostgreSQL from the cloudplatform, so I'm a bit confused, as of why I get this warning. Has anyone encountered something similar or any hints on how I could proceed or how to check whether the database is set up correctly?

#2 by ynyyny

Have you attached your otree app to Heroku Postgres? On the resources page in Heroku, you will see the Heroku Postgres (if you already add this add-on), then you can click "attachments" and add your app to Postgres. I had a similar problem before and that was how I solved this problem.

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