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Video chat, multiple pages/apps at once

#1 by sergiu


For my experiment, I need to integrate a video chat for participants (3 per group) and each video must be in a separate browser window. I have seen an implementation of video chat app for otree, but it does not suit my needs because it works only for 2 players. Therefore, I decided to use jitsi-api. The problem with Jitsi is its layout (videos must be in different tabs/windows). 

My first idea was to “extract” videos from jitsi-iframe, create new page and stream there extracted content, however, every time I use window.open(url, ...), same page gets opened again and again. The problem persists even if the new page is a static html file. 

Second, I decided to encapsulate each videochat in a separate app, but then I realized that I need somehow to keep them active while the experiment is being conducted.

Would appreciate if someone could share a piece of advice or a concrete solution with me.

Best regards

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