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MTurk ID in otree data file

#1 by frieder_neunhoeffer

Hello everybody,

How can I pass CloudResearch (MTurk Prime) parameters to the oTree data file (like HIT ID, MTurk ID, etc.)? I saw various posts about this on the old google groups forum. I have tried to get some of the suggestions to work but I failed. One reason is that my coding abilities are limited (this is why I would also prefer to have a streamlined solution) and two, is that most of the GitHub links seem to be expired.

Would be great if someone can help.

#2 by Chris_oTree

My recommended solution is to use this: https://github.com/oTree-org/extra-url-params

#3 by frieder_neunhoeffer

Thanks for your reply.

However, the github post is a bit abstract regarding my coding experience. Please correct me in the following assumptions.
 - cloning means replace the folders in my otree directory with the github folders. What is the main.py folder? I cannot find it.
 - go in the command prompt to the directory of my otree project and run: pip3 install -r requirements.txt
 - what is meant by "do uvicorn main:app --port 8500"? run this also in the command prompt?
 - what is meant by "deploy to heroku" 
         heroku create
        git push heroku master
        heroku open
 - should I run this in the command prompt, too?
 Thanks in advance for your help,

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