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Real Effort Task: Captcha-like clicking of cells in a matrix

#1 by Tobi_O


I want to program a real-effort experiment where participants are presented with a 10x10 matrix of letters. Participants should identify how many letters "K" they see in the grid (similar to "RET Counting symbols in a matrix" https://otree-realeffort.herokuapp.com/SessionStartLinks/ilmrayyk).

But I additionally want them to mark every "K" by clicking on the respective cell in the matrix, i.e. pretty much like the captchas. That cell should then be colorized so that participants see whether they clicked it or not (from a function logic similar to the "Tic Tac Toe" example in the featured projects https://otree-more-demos.herokuapp.com/SessionStartLinks/59uqychs, except I don't neet it to be sent to other participants).

I was wondering whether someone has done anything similar already? Because I didn't find anything in the public projects and since I am fairly new to oTree I struggle to combine the examples above. Thus I would highly appreciate any help I can get.

Many thanks in advance!

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