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#1 by Anwesha

Hi there,

This is the first time I will be using Prolific to run my experiment. And after reading some online materials on Prolific and oTree, I am still a bit of confused on how to properly integrate the two. I have read https://dallasnova.netlify.app/post/running-otree-on-prolific-for-beginners/ which is extremely useful. But then in the oTree website, it is advised to use oTree HR. This second option seems quite easy for beginners like me. However, I still am not sure about a few things:

1. If I use oTree HR, do I still need to create participant_label, set up my ini.py file and settings.py file as mentioned in https://dallasnova.netlify.app/post/running-otree-on-prolific-for-beginners/?
2. How do I create url and otree-reset-key in oTree HR?

Any suggestion will be greatly appreciated.

#2 by jkupb

I ran oTree studies on Prolific without HR. All I did was to create a study session in oTree and copy the study link into the Prolific study creation page. There was no magic involved.

#3 by AB_123

@jkupb So basically I have a link that Heroku gives me in it's settings: https://esg-test-79a2f94ee623.herokuapp.com/. In that case, I can copy that link and paste it to Prolific right?

#4 by jkupb

No you need to insert the session link into prolific in order to assign participants to their studies.

#5 by AB_123

@jkupb Thank you so much.

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