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Participant_label and potential cheater in Prolific

#1 by AB_123

Hello there,

Sorry for another Prolific related question. So I am following this website https://dallasnova.netlify.app/post/running-otree-on-prolific-for-beginners/ to create my first Prolific experiment. I have two quick questions:

1. I am confused about whether I need to create a participant_label file or not?
2. Can using a session url lead to one participant clicking on multiple links or any other kind of malpractices on the part of the participants? If yes, is there any way to stop it?

#2 by Hauke


Are you aware of oTree HR https://otree-hr.herokuapp.com/accounts/login/ ? Compared to the URL you provided it seems as if it makes your life easier. So far, I used oTree HR so I'll answer from that perspective.

1. The participant label is automatically populated with the participants' prolific IDs (which should be persistent and unique).
2. Because each participant has (or is at least supposed to have) one and only one ID on Prolific, he or she can only click to participate in your survey once.

#3 by AB_123

@ Hauke I am unable to create otree rest key as asked by otree hr, probably because I am quite new to this.

#4 by Hauke

Hmm... how do you deploy your experiment? Using Heroku & Github oder using the otreehub and Heroku? The latter works quite seamlessly when combined with otree HR.

#5 by AB_123

@Hauke: Actually I used oTree hub and Heroku. I didn't use Github or oTree HR.

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