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Timeout spanning multiple rounds

#1 by Thair_Ahmad

Let's say there is a survey with a couple of pages, and I want to allow enumerators to fill it out as many times as they can within a time limit. If I use rounds to repeat the survey, how to ensure that timeout (say 30 mins) is spanned out across the rounds?

#2 by BonnEconLab

https://otree.readthedocs.io/en/latest/timeouts.html#timeouts-that-span-multiple-pages describes in detail how to achieve what you intend to do.

#3 by BonnEconLab

Here is some example code that implements what is described on https://otree.readthedocs.io/en/latest/timeouts.html#timeouts-that-span-multiple-pages:

In the file settings.py, you have to include

        name = 'multiround_timeout',
        app_sequence = ['multiround_timeout'],
        num_demo_participants = 2  # > 1 so we can check that the timeout is indeed player-specific


Here are the contents of the file multiround_timeout/__init__.py:

from otree.api import *
import time

doc = """
    An app to illustrate a countdown that spans multiple rounds.

class C(BaseConstants):

    NAME_IN_URL = 'multiround_timeout'
    NUM_ROUNDS = 5  # Set to the desired number of rounds
    TIMEOUT_SECONDS_TOTAL = 83  # Set to the desired total timeout, e.g., 30 * 60 for 30 minutes

class Subsession(BaseSubsession):


class Group(BaseGroup):


class Player(BasePlayer):



class Start(Page):

    def is_displayed(player):
        return player.round_number == 1

    def before_next_page(player, timeout_happened):
        player.participant.expiry = C.TIMEOUT_SECONDS_TOTAL + time.time()
            # Remember to add 'expiry' to PARTICIPANT_FIELDS in settings.py

class MyPage(Page):

    timer_text = 'Time left to complete this section:'

    def get_timeout_seconds(player):
        return player.participant.expiry - time.time()

page_sequence = [

This assumes that the associated HTML templates are called Start.html and MyPage.html.

The app that implements this minimal working example is attached as a ZIP archive.

#4 by Thair_Ahmad

Thank you so much.

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