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Withdrawal of respondents in Otree experiment

By Gipsman, 2 replies,

Negative payoffs for the submitted HIT show on the payment tab. What to do?

By Valery , 4 replies,

Page without HTML-script

By GregorFHSU, 2 replies,

How do I make my Heroku link last for 1 week

By mcarmelle , 7 replies,

Choosing Dyno types when deploying experiments on Heroku

By HJmonica , 1 reply,

How to set the number of participants accordingly corresponding to the actual number when creating sessions in Heroku?

By HJmonica , 1 reply,

Renewal of public keys after deleting & renewing the Heroku account

By Ai_Rits, 1 reply,

Format numbers without Django

By kikenc49, 3 replies,

Hide forms and track time spent on page

By Juanfran, 1 reply,

Change 'Please fix the errors.' message for form errors

By simoncolumbus , 3 replies,

Live Page Not Working

By PatrickT, 9 replies,

Cannot use otree 3.4 with Mac M1

By Marti_, 0 replies,

Storing Metadata of the chat but not chat itself

By nathalie, 0 replies,

Generating a Random Number

By ChelMill , 2 replies,


By Trontatuma , 0 replies,

Command Line Bots - Custom export

By Student, 1 reply,


By GregorFHSU, 0 replies,

socket.send() raised exception.

By nicolas , 0 replies,

Add a percent sign (%) after an input box in the survey

By MinFang, 6 replies,

Return to First page of App after reaching the end

By april30, 0 replies,

Timing out with upcoming_apps[-1]

By ZB08, 0 replies,

Bots not working

By GregorFHSU, 0 replies,

Non-anchoring slider issue; slider bar shrunks once revealed

By pjp, 4 replies,

Using the bots with command line yields different format of data

By janohirmas, 2 replies,

Waiting Room for Online experiment

By Mike_Zhiren_Wu, 0 replies,

field_maybe_none for participant vars

By Trontatuma , 0 replies,

Problem passing results to dataset with javascript

By AngelVJimenez , 1 reply,

Delete session in admin interface (tab Sessions)

By nicolas , 0 replies,

No rooms showing up

By nicolas , 2 replies,

oTree experiment set-up

By FEDx , 1 reply,