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How to Conditionally Disable the Submit Button

By WD95, 0 replies,

Donation of $200.00

By AlanS,

Fully customize waiting pages

By kikenc49, 2 replies,

Randomize app sequence

By emily255 , 11 replies,

Dropouts on Wait Pages

By Hauke , 1 reply,

Switching Roles in Trust Game

By nlayali, 0 replies,

Trouble posting mturk HIT via oTree

By gmauter, 1 reply,

Click back in browser resets the timer

By louaig, 3 replies,

Sending data from live_method to other groups and rounds

By GKarreskog, 5 replies,

Image not loading

By ajinkya, 1 reply,

Issue with Firm URLs Opening Incorrectly

By galbitton, 1 reply,

Testing live methods in single player games

By Christoph, 2 replies,

Not able to submit votes

By dmartinezfelip , 2 replies,

Not able to choose Hobby dynos in Configure

By vexx , 4 replies,

Each players live page looks different

By jrm0094, 2 replies,

Exporting large data with otree

By Charles, 0 replies,

Randomly assigning participants to different apps

By vedube, 5 replies,

Unable to install otree (dead at the step: otree startproject oTree)

By Page , 1 reply,

distinguising "none" investment and 0 investment

By txb000, 1 reply,

Otree Timer pops up although it is disabled in the CSS.

By Ata, 3 replies,

Customizing the chat

By Anonymousguy, 0 replies,

Stranger matching in pairs

By txb000, 1 reply,

randomize groups to different pages

By pia , 0 replies,

Login to "Rooms" failed

By Janina, 3 replies,

custom_export not working for large amount of data

By Anne, 0 replies,

timeout in waitpage

By txb000, 0 replies,

Problem with setting up attributes for Page models.

By janohirmas, 0 replies,

adding returns from previous rounds (newbie)

By tashb , 1 reply,

Issue with "is_dropout"

By roddboaten, 2 replies,

Customize Admin Interface

By Hauke , 10 replies,