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ask a question depending on the answer to a previous question (on the same page)

By candresmolina, 7 replies,

Add User Manual to Admin Panel for reference for Administrators?

By Lstott, 0 replies,

Prevent subjects from selecting same choice more than once

By KaylaA , 2 replies,

What postgres and redis packages to use?

By JanetJiang, 0 replies,

Studio Debug Mode

By annescm , 2 replies,

Presenting a different image to different players

By Rotem, 1 reply,

Otree not running on mac terminal -

By tedd , 4 replies,

Chat function returns error "AttributeError: 'str' object has no attribute 'id'"

By Xinxin , 1 reply,

language code of traditional Chinese

By amy, 2 replies,

App with multiple tasks, each task has multiple rounds

By eordali, 0 replies,

Announcement: oTree Hub - Heroku deployment problem

By Chris_oTree , 2 replies,

Problem in deploying project

By gianlucapasin1, 0 replies,

Link Timeout for players on different pages to start when a certain player arrives?

By Lstott, 0 replies,

PermissionError: [WinError 5] Access is denied

By Trontatuma, 0 replies,

Error when trying to publish to mturk

By Elias, 1 reply,

Prevent inactive participants from getting compensation for waiting time

By qxiao , 0 replies,

MTurk - insufficient funds but AWS billing activated

By JuergenMR , 2 replies,

Update dictionary value in class Constant from different class (page)

By MAZAN, 0 replies,

Include CSS/JS file from folder other than _static

By fabsi, 0 replies,

Multiple languages in same session

By Scott, 1 reply,

Working with ExtraModel

By papayapap, 0 replies,

Accessing a field from a list

By Paula_Tovar, 0 replies,

Heroku restore database

By gianlucapasin1, 0 replies,

AttributeError: 'int' object has no attribute '_sa_instance_state'

By papayapap, 0 replies,

Application error (500) in created session while playing the app in Demo works fine

By Aysegul_Engin , 2 replies,

Randomize payment fields

By Paula_Tovar, 0 replies,

Symbolic links don't work in _static

By gr0ssmann , 0 replies,

Using Material Design Lite

By papayapap, 0 replies,

self.load_from_disk(filename, template_type=template_type) Error when starting HIT on Mturk - using OTREE Studio

By JuergenMR , 3 replies,

Dynamically removing row from common table removes only for player who did action

By papayapap, 0 replies,