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Issue importing variables from CSV

By ckormylo, 1 reply,

Error when running "otree devserver": Table 'XXX' is already defined for this MetaData instance

By Yuki, 1 reply,

Dynamic number of form_fields

By Hauke , 1 reply,

"for p in group.get_players" order in html page

By frafed , 4 replies,

Real time check on page

By mimmo, 4 replies,

Insert images in radio button choices

By Blissong1215, 2 replies,

Heroku: Already resetdb but database is still not ready

By ynyyny, 0 replies,

Otree experiment changes dramatically after experiment is uploaded to server

By lmayr, 0 replies,

Unable to store choice from randomly generated radio button

By AngelVJimenez, 2 replies,

How to display cumulative payoffs

By AngelVJimenez, 2 replies,

otree 5.10.3 and python 3.8 ASGI error

By darkogav, 4 replies,

can't upload old app onto heroku

By ksaral, 7 replies,

trying to install otree3 on ubuntu 22.04

By ErikdeKwaadsteniet , 4 replies,

Script not updating

By Trontatuma, 2 replies,

Dynamic player fields

By Marco, 0 replies,

set array of images to draw from each round

By gmauter, 2 replies,

assign particular task numbers to participant

By PigiAbi, 1 reply,

Chat-data deleted after group-rematching

By seng, 0 replies,

Change email on account

By annescm , 1 reply,

Are heroku Dynos used up?

By Fabian_V , 3 replies,

Can I stop Heroku daily dyno restart to make oTree session alive for days?

By cjy2001, 6 replies,

Rooms in otree hub

By AB_123 , 0 replies,

Retrieve ExtraModel information in subsequent round

By Trontatuma, 1 reply,

How to show information to particular player?

By Trontatuma, 2 replies,

Fully customize waiting pages

By kikenc49, 1 reply,

old version of this page?

By ksaral, 2 replies,

Data too large, how to export csv?

By Hauke , 5 replies,

Package to import and modify oTree data

By Patricia, 1 reply,

Secure room hash changed

By Evan_Calford , 5 replies,

Failed to create session: (psycopg2.errors.UndefinedTable)

By Giovanni, 0 replies,