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Dynamically assign player variables based on round number from CSV

By ckormylo, 1 reply,

Setting up room in oTree

By AB_123 , 0 replies,

Automating dropout decisions

By noob_forever , 1 reply,

KeyError: 'treatment' for assigning treatments to participants

By manond, 2 replies,

accessing player method from group class

By wlucy, 1 reply,

Code for displaying Cyrillic text (during public goods game)

By Fuki, 2 replies,

How to force timeout in case of Pop Up 'Do you want to leave this page?'

By nathalie, 1 reply,

live pages are not refreshing on universities' oTree production server

By schiller101, 2 replies,

Cannot find reference 'api' in 'imported module otree'

By gonarr, 1 reply,

TemplateSyntaxError: Unrecognised filter name 'stringformat:"s"'

By manond, 2 replies,

'Staircase' Risk Elicitation Method for oTree Lite

By Trontatuma, 6 replies,

Material Screenshots

By Hauke , 3 replies,

Extra columns from previous treatment in new treatment data file

By AB_123 , 0 replies,

AttributeError: 'Project' object has no attribute '_proc'

By JustinasGr, 0 replies,

Random selection of choice sets read from csv file for multiple players

By yogu, 2 replies,

pages take too long to load

By BlUe123, 1 reply,

Choosing a random page/round to determine the payment

By Sarah, 0 replies,

otree deployment using own server

By astrid , 1 reply,

Rooms in oTree

By AB_123 , 0 replies,

Technical issue in oTree Hub link

By AB_123 , 2 replies,

Announcement: Heroku changed URL format

By Chris_oTree , 0 replies,

How to reverse history table?

By Aroneo, 0 replies,

How to assign treatments to different groups in a game with multiple rounds

By yogu, 0 replies,

Extract form_field value from choices

By martin , 3 replies,

Yes/No button functionality not working

By pyth_123, 0 replies,

Participant in session no page

By gonarr, 1 reply,

Participant_label and potential cheater in Prolific

By AB_123 , 4 replies,

chat with experimenter

By EvgenyK, 8 replies,

Real effort tasks

By martin , 1 reply,


By AB_123 , 1 reply,