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Bots not working

By GregorFHSU, 0 replies,

Non-anchoring slider issue; slider bar shrunks once revealed

By pjp, 4 replies,

Using the bots with command line yields different format of data

By janohirmas, 2 replies,

Waiting Room for Online experiment

By Mike_Zhiren_Wu, 0 replies,

field_maybe_none for participant vars

By Trontatuma , 0 replies,

Problem passing results to dataset with javascript

By AngelVJimenez , 1 reply,

Delete session in admin interface (tab Sessions)

By nicolas , 0 replies,

No rooms showing up

By nicolas , 2 replies,

oTree experiment set-up

By FEDx , 1 reply,

Payoff structure

By FEDx , 1 reply,

Illustrative Game of Nim

By MinFang, 2 replies,

Do {field_name}_error_message() still work under a raw html formfield?

By Mike_Zhiren_Wu, 6 replies,

Duplicate Participant Labels

By woodsd42 , 4 replies,

Different App Sequence per Participant

By nicolas , 0 replies,

Modified Lottery

By FEDx , 1 reply,

Skip the task button

By FEDx , 3 replies,


By JakobD, 0 replies,

Removing "group_by_arrival_time=True, so it must be placed first in page_sequence"

By jkupb, 5 replies,

Help on Likert Scale

By april30, 0 replies,

CSP problems?

By Trontatuma , 0 replies,

OSError [Errno 107] Transport endpoint is not connected

By Trontatuma , 1 reply,

Group by role and treatment

By april30, 2 replies,

Defining variables as dictionaries - no models for it

By kikenc49, 0 replies,

custom_export for multiple apps

By gmauter, 1 reply,

Sentry Error message

By UlkarQ , 7 replies,

Performance Tier Dynos for Heroku

By Trontatuma , 1 reply,

oTree source, development model, license

By olafghanizadeh, 17 replies,

IndexError: list index out of range

By AngelVJimenez, 1 reply,

Reference to participant.vars error in creating_subsession

By AlanS , 6 replies,

Displaying and Hiding HTML with Script

By PatrickT, 3 replies,