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Changing the text in the 'Next' button

By m_hr3, 2 replies,

Storing a player value without a formfield input

By TurneyMcK, 3 replies,

Public goods game with two groups

By fitoscano, 0 replies,

Add suffix in otree link

By evelizbeth, 0 replies,

Design strategy for apps in parallel

By mimmo, 0 replies,

Experiences deploying on DigitalOcean, AWS or Azure?

By linok, 0 replies,


By otree, 1 reply,

fixed_id_in_group=True and set_group_matrix()

By labex, 0 replies,

Access GCP deployment of oTree ap

By Pipoca , 0 replies,

Rooms Participant-specific URLs

By LCE17, 0 replies,

Public Good with Punishment // Get one Formfield

By Aurel , 4 replies,

Bot Error!

By AJafarzadeh , 1 reply,

How Does Livepage Deal with "Simultaneous" Messages

By OSubK, 1 reply,

Help docs for models.py format

By Evan_Calford , 2 replies,

Subscription Issue

By woodsd42, 2 replies,

Randomly assigning groups to treatments

By nathanliang, 2 replies,

Role assignment to a fraction of participants

By Sahar , 4 replies,

Change otree-form-errors message

By sergiubc, 0 replies,

saving participants variable with url parameter

By mohamadre3a, 0 replies,

"Participant fields are not included in the Excel/CSV data export"

By m_hr3, 0 replies,

Dutch Clock Auction

By OSubK, 1 reply,

InvalidOperation: [<class 'decimal.ConversionSyntax'>]

By Vakru, 0 replies,

Social network experiments

By X_Zhou, 0 replies,

New error

By PaulF, 2 replies,

Group variables over multiple apps

By freddsch, 2 replies,

Problem with running on Heroku

By Marti, 1 reply,

AttributeError: module 'constants' has no attribute 'endowment'

By papayapap, 2 replies,

How can I generate numbered fields by importing questions from list/.CSV?

By Future, 0 replies,

oTree Hub Heroku Monitor issue

By AndreL , 2 replies,

Admin Report not working

By Louis, 0 replies,